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Event signup system

In order to make sure that our event lead gathering mechanisms are in line with the requirements dictated by the new GDPR legislation, we have been working on developing the best available registration system that maximises potential recruitment possibilities for everyone while at the same time not infringing any data protection rules.

We understand that different partner universities operate different systems and want things in different formats. While we empathise with these individual circumstances and desires, it is impossible for us to have a system that fits perfectly for everyone and as such ask for your understanding and cooperation in using the prescribed system on the day of the event.

Please note that Norwegian students can be reluctant to sign up and leave their contact details. This is unfortunately normal for Norway, but we do also find that as long as the students have a copy of the prospectus they do tend to sign up online at a later stage. Simply make sure that they have as much information as possible about Across the Pond and your university and they will remember you.

Two versions
We have made two versions of the sign up form which you can choose from, a short version and a longer version. The difference between the two is the number of fields in the form. The longer version also contains mobile number, current school and start month. We have found that the students seem more likely to sign up with the shorter form as there are not as many fields to fill in. The signup-details are in Norwegian simply to make sure that it will be easy and welcoming for the students.

Short version - https://www.studyacrossthepond.com/event/no-mini

Long version - https://www.studyacrossthepond.com/event/no

The system works with both laptops (Apple and PC) as well as tablets (iPads or windows etc.). To use the form, you will need to be connected to wifi. We pay for wifi access at all the venues, but we have no control over how well it works. Sometimes we experience slow Internet connection, which may affect how quickly the registrations go through. Once the student has filled in their details and clicked on the submit button, it may take some seconds for the submission to go through. Please do not double click on the submit button, as this means the student will go through twice and show up as a duplicate. A duplicate will also affect the count, as it will go up twice if you click on the button twice. If for some reason the internet connection is lost, please let one of the Across the Pond staff know as soon as possible, so they can reach out to venue personnel. 

Norwegian letters
We use laptops with Norwegian keyboards at events and as such please note that the Norwegian language has three additional letters in the alphabet. When you receive the automatic sign-up notifications they are likely to contain these letters but they can easily be “translated” using the following key:
Ø = O
Å = A
Æ = E

Setup and notifications
One of our advisors will help you set up the form with the correct reference each morning before the event starts, and will also test the forms to make sure they are working correctly before the event starts. So please make sure to turn on your device as soon as you arrive to the event.

This sign-up system complies with GDPR which we in Across the Pond take very seriously. The data goes straight to our CRM, and shortly after the day of the event you will receive a secure email from the Event Manager of Across the Pond with the details of the students who have signed up on your device during the day. The info you receive will be identical to what the student has filled in, so if a student has skipped a field, this info will not be included in the email.

Unfortunately we can’t adjust the format in which these details are delivered so you may well need to input the details into your own individual systems but hopefully this isn’t too much of a problem for you.

This new version of the form specifies to all students that when they sign up they are giving permission to both ourselves and to the specific universities of interest to have their details and to follow-up.

Here is the disclaimer in English:

When submitting this form you agree that Across the Pond and the university you have registered with can contact you and send you information that will be relevant to your application process and / or the course you are interested in. Across the Pond will not sell or give your personal data to third parties without your consent. For complete information about the application process and how Across the Pond treats your personal information, read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions before submitting your enquiry.

Please remember that when you signed up for the fair, you also signed up to use our registration system, so please use our system and our system only when you are at events alongside us. It’s vitally important for our advising team to be plugging into students immediately since at this point in the recruitment cycle that is the single most important factor to give you the best chance of applications being made and those applications turning into registrations.

If you have any problems with the signup form during the event, ie. losing wifi connection, rebooting your device etc., please find a member of Across the Pond staff to help you set it up again.