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Destination Britain

This is an Across the Pond event exclusively for our partners, where students, universities and Across the Pond advisers can meet face to face. During this two day event students will get the chance to learn more about each university, how to finance their studies and to meet with their personal adviser, while the universities are given a unique opportunity to present themselves and their courses. We invite all students to this event, and the majority sign up in advance. 

The target audience is those students who have already engaged with us and expressed an interest in the UK so they are highly likely to attend one of our partner universities. Numbers attending will not be “massive”, certainly not compared to events in other parts of the world, but you should bear in mind that all of those coming through the door have a very strong intention/desire to take up a place at a UK institution so if approached in a positive and friendly manner, obviously providing that the profile is correct, could very well be enrolling in a course with you the following September.


  • 13th-14th of April, 2018
  • 9th-10th of November, 2018
  • 22nd-23rd of March, 2019

Opening hours: Friday: 4pm-8pm, Saturday: 12pm-6pm
Attendance estimate: 200-300 for the event as a whole, and usually between 25-50 students in total who sign up for the A&D workshops. The attendance rate is usually around 75%.
Information meeting: Friday 3:30pm - attendance required 
Price General stand: £850 (includes both days)
Price Art & Design stand: £850 (includes both days)
Sign up: SIGN UPS FOR THE 2018/19 EVENTS WILL OPEN ON MARCH 26th - Fill in the form at the bottom of the page
Sign up deadline: 1st of September (for the November event) and 16th of December (for the April event). Please note that we will set the uni presentation order to reflect the sign up order. 
Venue: Felix Konferansesenter at Aker Brygge, Oslo
Venue website: www.felixkonferanse.no
Venue address: Bryggetorget 3, 0250 Oslo

The Destination Britain event will be divided up into 4 parts that are connected:

General stand area
The general stand area will connect all the other rooms together so the students will need to pass through this area in order to get to the other areas of the event. There will not be a scheduled lunch and you are free to take breaks whenever you need. 

Fair materials/equipment
You will have your own table and chair(s). Only one chair will be provided per university, unless we are notified that you will have 2 representatives at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 people allowed per table at any given time. 

All you need to bring with you is a laptop/tablet, table cloth and a couple of prospectuses for reference if the information is not available online/you have a tablet. You are welcome to bring a large banner to Destination Britain this time, but just be aware that the university tables are quite close together. When arriving at the fair we will provide stickers with our contact information, please make sure to stick these on all materials you hand out to students. 

If you are participating in the ATP Partner Scholarship programme, we encourage you to print leaflets with scholarship info and bring to events you attend in Norway.

All universities attending the event with a general area stand will have the opportunity to deliver a presentation for about 20 minutes included in the price. The presentation should focus on what is unique about your university and what your university can offer, such as scholarships, the city/location and campus. Videos are recommended. Feedback from students indicate that there is no need to include information about: rankings, general funding, accommodation, safety, entry requirements, the UK, part time jobs, career services, UCAS/application process, societies, etc.

Across the Pond will also deliver presentations which will include information about the general UK student experience and the help we offer the students.

You will need to bring your own presentation on a usb stick if you want to use graphics. There will be a PC and projector available for you to use. The presentations will take place in a designated room.

Art & Design Portfolio Workshop

As you may or may not know, Art and Design is a popular subject area in Norway, not quite as popular as it was a few years ago, but popular nonetheless.

At the Destination Britain event we have a specific room for appointments with representatives from our partners offering Art and Design programmes where there is more space for chatting to applicants in these areas and for portfolio review. It is important to note that the majority of candidates attending WON’T have a polished portfolio as the idea of this interaction is that it is a 'workshop' where the university representatives (potentially academics from relevant areas) can offer advice and help on how to develop and improve what they have so that it is suitable for admission. The idea is that the student will maintain contact with any institutions that interest him or her and will develop what they have over the recruitment cycle. It is important that the representatives who attend understand this and are helpful and understanding to those they see, even if not all candidates may be suitable applicants. 

You should try and choose your representative carefully so that they are aware of this format and that they should be prepared to set tasks for improvement for the next event or opportunity to be in contact. If possible you are encouraged to send the same representative on at least 2 occasions in the cycle to monitor this progress. There will however be some people who are advanced and ready to apply and in that case the representative should also have the ability to make offers of admission. We encourage you to make an offer to qualified students at the actual event, using our offer/acceptance form which will be provided on the day of the event.

At the event, the representative will be provided with a list of students who want to meet you, what they want to study etc. There will probably also be students dropping in to have a chat.

Meeting with adviser
The students will be able to sit down with an adviser from Across the Pond who will look at their grades and background, what they want to study and where they want to go in order to give them advice in terms of which universities they should be looking at and which universities would fit their profile. The advisers will also help them with all questions regarding funding, accommodation, entry requirements, costs etc, so you do not need to focus on these things when you speak to the students. If they ask you questions you are unsure of in terms of the funding, costs for Norwegian students etc., you can just point them in the direction of the ATP advisers. 

The students
Please note that for the Destination Britain event students will only register at the door and you will not be provided with lists of students signing up (as is the case with the fairs in Jan/Feb). All students will register with Across the Pond when they arrive (if they have not done so in advance), however we would encourage you to write down the names and email addresses of students you speak to if you want to do your own follow up after the event.

This event is free of charge for all students and student councillors, and usually 200-300 students attend this event over the whole weekend. These are mainly students who have already looked at the UK and are in touch with us as an organisation. They are in the process of looking at which universities they might include as their 5 UCAS options and will come along to chat to you about what they might expect if they were to choose your particular institution. They will also be there to talk to their ATP adviser about the options they might have available depending on their academic profile, subject interest and any other considerations that might be pertinent. This is a good opportunity to talk to candidates who are already looking at the country and so are highly likely to apply.

It is important to note that ALL events in Norway are 'slow and long' which means long opening hours and comparatively small numbers of attendees but that is the way of the Norwegian market so please be prepared for this dynamic.

Please read the following information before the event:

​Promote your university by promoting our events
Please feel free to promote all Across the Pond events to your students on your website, social media and other relevant platforms. When referring the students to information about the event, please note that we have specific event pages for students (in Norwegian). 

Cancellation policy
Once you have signed up and submitted the form an agreement has been made between you and Across the Pond for participation in this event, and you will be invoiced for the events you have signed up for. Should a partner pull out of an event after having signed up through our online form and event and/or staffing arrangements have been made and paid for by Across the Pond, the partner will still be held accountable for those costs or any costs that will need to be paid and are unrecoverable by Across the Pond. The agreement is binding, and we can only accept cancellations after the sign-up deadline if we can find a university willing to replace you for this specific event.

Given we take care of all the promotion and logistics for all the events, including the recruitment fairs in January/February (we have to book enough space well in advance) we do have to operate a cancellation policy so please do check the details of that in case your plans do have to change along the way. Until the online form has been completed and submitted, no booking has officially been made. Once the form is completed and submitted, it is binding as per our cancellation policy.

If you have made an error submitting the sign-up form please email Astrid immediately.

I am not ready to sign up yet, please take me back to the main event page.

SIGN UP (Sign ups open March 26th)
The sooner you sign up - the sooner we can start promoting your presence! Please note that we will set the uni presentation order to reflect the sign up order.

Let us know if you have any additional information regarding your booking.