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Digital Recruitment Fairs (2021)

Due to the pandemic, the Norwegian recruitment fairs in January and February 2021 have been moved online. This will allow for both exhibitors and visitors to safely participate without travelling.

The digital fairs will be held in 6 different regions of Norway during January and February 2021, replacing the 10 fairs initially planned across Norway:

Dates for the digital events: 

  • Eastern Norway 1 (yellow - Lillestrøm/Halden): 
    12th-15th of January
  • Southern Norway (green - Kristiansand/Sandefjord): 
    18th-19th of January + 21st-22nd of January
  • Western Norway (red - Stavanger/Bergen): 
    25th-28th of January
  • Central Norway (blue - Trondheim/Ålesund):
    1st-2nd of February + 4th-5th of February
  • Northern Norway (purple - Bodø/Tromsø):
    11th-12th of February
  • Eastern Norway 2 (black - Oslo):
    17th-18th of February

The opening hours are from 8 AM to 2 PM GMT each day.

Prices and deadlines: 1000 GBP for each event if you sign up between October 24th and November 27th (latest deadline).

Note: Previous registrations for the physical version of the fairs are not valid for these digital versions, so you must sign up again if you want to participate. If you have previously booked and paid the invoice for the physical jan/feb recruitment fairs, the amount you have paid is credited for future events, including these, so we will calculate your balance accordingly once your new booking for the digital faris has been received (if applicable). Sign up at the bottom of this page.

How does it work?

Across the Pond will have a digital stand and each university will have their own channel which students can access via the Across the Pond stand. 

The university channel will feature information about your university, in Norwegian, similar to your feature on the Across the Pond website.

Additionally, you will have 1 line for chat and 1 line for video meetings to engage with the students and gather your leads. The chat will be private for the students and no one else can read it. The channel platform will be integrated with Zoom (or similar) to enable video and sound meetings. You can choose to have meetings with students one-on-one or in groups.

The chat and video can be operated by 1 or 2 people (max 2 people per event day). The opening hours are from 8 AM to 2 PM GMT, so please be prepared to have someone signed in during these times each day. Note that the hours will vary in terms of student activity so you will most likely also be able to do your emails during the quiet hours of the event, so this is an excellent opportunity to increase your recruitment in Norway from your home office.

Everything is digital and you participate online, with just a PC/desktop or tablet required. Across the Pond will provide you with the information needed prior to each event (log in and practical information) and set up your channel with the correct information in Norwegian. 


The online recruitment fair will become available for students from all over Norway. Schools that were previously unable to visit the physical fairs due to travel distance can now participate digitally.

All schools will be invited to the fair in their own region. The fairs will be held during school hours and the students will be allocated specific time slots to ensure even distribution and capacity. The fairs will also be open for other groups such as older students/adults and job seekers.

Registration forms

For any event we attend alongside our partners, all leads gathered must be gathered using the Across the Pond designed registration tool (our online form). It is always VITAL that all students leave their details with us on the registration system we are using at the given location. We need your help and support in order to achieve this so please follow the specific instructions wherever you may attend. The reason why this is the case is because the adviser-student relationship and local language communication is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF MARKET SUCCESS FOR ALL PARTNERS. If that conversation starts immediately then the student is highly likely to go to the UK and to choose institutions with which they have engaged during the event. If that is delayed in any way shape or form, then that 'highly likely' drops to a 'possibly', and so on. University communication is important, but not at this immediate stage. In the first instance, a potential applicant wants to be dealing in their comfort zone with their adviser and will of course use the experience they’ve had at the event to influence choices, but they don’t want/need to be bombarded by specific university information at this stage. 

Please read details about the signup system here.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and help with this – it’s one of the ways you will maximise the value of the event.

Cancellation policy

Once you have completed and submitted the form an agreement has been made between you and Across the Pond for participation in this event, and you will be invoiced for the events you have registered for. Registration is binding and should a partner pull out of an event after having signed up through our online form and event and/or staffing arrangements have been made and paid for by Across the Pond, the partner will still be held responsible for those costs or any costs that will need to be paid and are unrecoverable by Across the Pond. In the event of unforeseen external circumstances such as strikes, medical emergencies, natural disasters etc. leading to a cancelled event, every effort will be made to offer an alternative activity, but if that proves to be impossible no refund/compensation can be guaranteed.

Registration deadlines are: Final deadline is November 27th, the price will be 1000 GBP for signups between October 24th and November 27th. 

Until the online form has been completed and submitted, no booking has officially been made. Once the form is completed and submitted, it is binding as per our cancellation policy.

If you have made an error submitting the sign-up form please email us at immediately. If you need to cancel an event, please fill in this form.

I am not ready to sign up yet, please take me back to the main event page.

The sooner you sign up - the sooner we can start promoting your presence!

Please remember that the booking of this event online generates an invoice, and the booking is a binding agreement. As such please ONLY BOOK WHEN YOU KNOW THAT BUDGET HAS BEEN APPROVED AND THAT YOU CAN PROCESS AN INVOICE. If you have already been invoiced and paid for the previously planned activity then the amount you have paid can be used for any of our future events including these digital recruitment fairs, and we will of course deduct the fee for these from the balance in your favour (if applicable to you). 

Let us know if you have any additional information regarding your booking.